Last Call, E2

Undertow: The Harrowing

15-12-2023 • 20 mins

The clock’s ticking—Eddie will have to come clean, even if it kills him. LAST CALL was written by Shawn French and Fred Greenhalgh. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh, Rhoda Belleza, and Marco Palmieri. Executive Producer, John Brooks. Directed by Fred Greenhalgh. Production Manager Devin Shepherd. Production Coordinator Ash Beecher. Starring Lee Tergesen as Eddie and Ilyssa Fradin as Bobby. Additional voices by Lori Hammel, Michael C Pizzutoand Deborah Rayne. Creature sounds by Fred Greenhalgh, Devin Shepherd, and Angela Yih. Casting by Sunday Boling Kennedy and Meg Morman. Dialogue editing by Fred Greenhalgh. Sound Design, Mix, Mastering by Rory O’Shea. Original music by Marcus Bagala. LAST CALL is a Realm Original Production. Undertow: Last Call is a Realm production created by Fred Greenhalgh. Listen away. For more shows like this, visit, and sign up for our newsletter while you're there! Listen to this episode ad-free by joining Realm Unlimited or Realm+ on Apple Podcasts. Subscribers also get early access and exclusive bonus content! Visit Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Want to chat about your favorite Realm shows? Join our Discord. Visit our merch store: Find and support our sponsors at: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit