Episode 3: The future of food

Yellow, Blue and Green

13-07-2020 • 52 mins

In this podcast. we discuss: how Bryan’s purpose began with a 2,000-mile journey across the US by foot, the importance of food (nutrition and caloric intake), plant-based diets, the “western diet” (problems with inflammation), processed foods (what does processing actually mean?), dietary problems (malnutrition and obesity), the links between obesity and the food industry, soil quality, micro nutrients and the reduction in food quality, opportunities for the future / new technologies: agriculture is quite inefficient [energy intensive], reducing the waste in food production is important, cellular food growth may be part of that solution, still some way to go with alternative foods and new technology, the consumer is still king when it comes to food choices, healthcare and food choices – a move towards promoting positive health choices when it comes to consuming food could reduce health care costs and demand on a strained system. Bryan Quoc Le Bryan is a PhD candidate in Food Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the author of "150 Food Science Questions Answered" and is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, where he studied chemistry. He is currently the VP of Digital and Social Media and a board member for the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association, and writes for their award-winning blog, Science Meets Food. He is happily married to his wife, Yvonne, and dreams of one day living out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. For more on his thoughts about food science, visit him at www.bryanquocle.com. Here is a link to his book: https://www.amazon.com/150-Food-Science-Questions-Answered/dp/1646118332  You can also read his work on: http://sciencemeetsfood.org/meet-the-authors/