Loki Who?

Science Fiction

20-10-2023 • 6 mins

PS - man with midlands accent is Alan Moore There is an ancient English ritual, performed in the grey and rainy times (which is the entire year save 2 weeks in July), when the tribes people gather around a glowing screen and politely pretend that whoever is playing Doctor Who is a great actor. They never are. But it's not their job to be. The Who actor's singular task is to depict a very particular kind of eccentric Englishness (or, now and again, Scottishness), in an ever so slightly new variety. As such Tom Hiddleston has been on the "who would make a good Who" list for some years now. The problem is the Beeb can't afford him. Tom is at the bottom of the list of the top British actors, just below Eddie Redmayne and Damien Lewis, and far behind the likes of Tom Hardy and The Cavill. Nobody on the Top list would ever play Who. Unless...Disney decided to do a Who reboot. Which is what I think Loki is. There have been dark rumours that Disney tried to buy Who itself, but were rebuffed by Aunty Beeb. So I think Disney decided to try and steal the market segment instead. They have the clout to get Hiddleston for the role, and once season one was a hit they decided to go all in and take on Who. So don't be surprised if Tom ends season two by zooming off in a faux Tardis for more adventures. Become a member of the Science Fiction community to continue the discussion Website - https://damiengwalter.com YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/DamienWalter/membership Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/DamienWalter Subscribe to the Science Fiction podcast feed for long-form commentaries on these video essays https://damiengwalter.com/podcast/ Join the Science Fiction community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/324897304599197/