Happy Inside - Conquering the Stress of IBS

Michelle White - Gut Focused and Embodied Psychotherapist


Trailblazing psychotherapy to calm the whole farm; mind, emotions and gut.

IBS, IBD, gut symptoms, gut disorders, SIBO, low FODMAP, elimination diets, chronic stress and anxiety…

Happy Inside attends to the psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects of gut disorders and chronic illness; old wounds, life misalignments, the fear, anxiety and stress around symptoms, the hypervigilence, the limitations, restrictions and impacts these are having on your life - all those conversations you’ve been waiting to have are happening right here. I hear you and you’re not alone.

This is often the one aspect missing from your treatment interventions and resolution of symptoms, but guess what, you’ve found me and I’m right here for you.

The reality is, stress and anxiety are biologically designed to affect your gut, so here you will find all the concepts, strategies and insights from 12 years of clinical experience as a gut focused psychotherapist so we can ensure this is not your continued story.

You deserve a rich and fulfilled life where you are happy on the inside and out.

Gut focused and embodied psychotherapist, Michelle White.


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TRAILER: 10 Part Series to Freedom from Gut Symptoms
TRAILER: 10 Part Series to Freedom from Gut Symptoms
TRAILER PREVIEWThis 10 part series is my most valuable, refined, juiciest, biggest-bang-for-your-buck clarity and direction, on getting free of those gut symptoms FOR GOOD.Your gut, via your nervous system, is biologically designed to be Irritated By Stress, AND there's something we can do about that. As a specialist gut focused psychotherapist in private practice for 12 years, I'll guide you though the 10 must-know progressive strategies to get your life back. It's time to be free of stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness, fear, exhaustion...because they are contributing to, and exacerbating those pesky gut symptoms. You'll hear simple concepts that blow you away, plus learn practical life changing strategies that you can access and lean on to your hearts content. PLUS you'll get exclusive podcast episodes, and an opportunity to participate in Q&A consultations and powwows, where we get right down to the nitty gritty.Can you imagine this?- Real hope and certainty that there IS an end to it- Freedom from the constant overwhelm and frustration of symptoms- And end to such tight restrictions- Experiencing joy again (or for the first time)- Doing all the things you dream of- Living a full and free lifeThey're all available for you RIGHT HERE.WHEN DOES IT ALL START?Lesson 1 is available NOW.The following 9 lessons available weekly, starting 8th August 2023.Plus, your exclusive content in between.LESSON 1: The Relationship Between Your Brain, Nervous System and GutLESSON 2: Your Body is Highly Responsive to Your ThoughtsLESSON 3: The Softening of Acknowledgment and ValidationLESSON 4: Interpreting the Body Signals with Curiosity Rather than FearLESSON 5: Embody Your Whole Self - Body, Mind and EmotionsLESSON 6: Create Your Internal Environment LESSON 7: Safety BehavioursLESSON 8: Stop Striving and Just BeLESSON 9: Don't Just Blame the FoodLESSON 10: Future Affirming ActionsWhen you're not feeling well or you're overwhelmed, the focus is often on the you DON'T want to be  happening, rather than what you do want. We bring awareness to this and take intention actions to move you to where you want to be. All available via the Happy Inside + Subscription.