Nov SF Patreon Updates, WOTC’s New Inclusivity Process, Jaquays-Style Design – Lazy D&D Talk Show

The Lazy RPG Podcast - D&D and RPG News and GM Prep from Sly Flourish

14-11-2022 • 52 mins

D&D news and commentary by Mike Shea of

  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:59 Sly Flourish News: November Patreon Rewards
  • 10:56 D&D & RPG News: WOTC's New Inclusivity Review
  • 14:57 DM Tip: Jaquays-Style Design for Dungeon and Overland Travel
  • 34:18 Patreon Question: Keeping Villains Alive in Combat
  • 37:19 Patreon Question: Using Paper Notes for In-Person Games
  • 40:19 Patreon Question: Mourning the End of a Campaign
  • 42:05 Patreon Question: Deciding on a Campaign to Run
  • 44:16 Patreon Question: Using Time Flies Rules from the Midgard Worldbook
  • 46:35 Patreon Question: Tips for Promoting Paper Character Sheets with Players
  • 48:58 Patreon Question: Scaling Up Monsters and their Stories to 11th level

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