First Homes & Ethical Investing | Feat. Nicole Haddow

How To Money

10-01-2022 • 29 mins

On this episode of the How To Money podcast, Nicole Haddow shares some of her biggest lessons from the first home buying process and purchasing a home in regional Victoria during COVID-19. Nicole also shares her journey into ethical investing over the past few years, what she’s learned so far and her lessons for others just getting started in this space (along with a teaser for her upcoming book, The Ethical Investor). Show Notes: HTM Website: HTM Twitter: @HowToMoneyAUS HTM Instagram: @HowToMoneyAUS Please send any questions, feedback, or episode suggestions through to us at and if you enjoyed the episode we’d be thrilled if you left us a review here on Apple Podcasts. Just a reminder that everything we cover in this podcast is financial education only, we are not giving you any advice. If you do want advice please seek out a qualified and competent professional, and do some research. Remember it's your money - take control! Episode Recorded: 03/11/2021 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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