Season 2 episode 17 - Story time and scouting tips - Todd Harvey cow patties, college free agents, NHL ready prospects, junior & college rinks and more

#TrackingTheDraft with @CraigJButton

24-03-2021 • 58 mins

The Stars of tomorrow are discovered here, Every Wednesday former NHL GM, Stanley Cup Champion and Director of Scouting with TSN, Craig Button and I explore prospects for the NHL Draft. From Top Shelf Talent to The Next Wave to Time Machine and more.

This week it was story time and scouting tips from Craig as we took questions from listeners and viewers. We started with a topical question about officiating after NHL Referee Tim Peel was fired for what was caught on a hot mic and then got into some scouting topics. From top college free agents to anyone NHL ready in this year's draft to who to scout players strictly on video. Funny draft interview experiences with one really unique event at Todd Harvey's farm. Some funny stories about being at the draft table, Autu Raty's fall from being the top prospect and favourite college and junior rinks. We had a l to of fun with this one.

Craig joins us each week courtesy of the UFFS Hotline, become a scout and track the same players Craig and other scouts do, join up at and get paid for your eagle eye when it comes to future stars. Catch past episodes and individual players at and watch episodes on YouTube.

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