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Welcome to the podcast helping you be the high performing  husband your wife loves, kids respect and friends admire. This podcast aims to end every man’s greatest fear that his best will never be enough to make marriage work, in the chaos of life’s overwhelming demands. Join Masculine Mastery coach Mark Usher on a journey going from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and incompetent  in marriage to being the confident, attractive and radically alive husband your wife will love, laugh and let loose with. Better Husbands Today. Better World Tomorrow. read less
139: Why Every Husband Needs To Experience A Mid-Life Crisis
139: Why Every Husband Needs To Experience A Mid-Life Crisis
The male mid-life crisis caricature is a man who drop kicks his wife and family life, buys a sports car, begins living in his local CrossFit gym trying to hang out with cool people and finds the nearest twenty-year-old girl with father issues who wants to f!ck while feeling safely held. In this episode Mark argues the case that society would be infinitely better off if every husband experiences a mid-life awakening. No need for crisis, but total need for a widespread transformational awakening of husbands authentic masculine souls to create married lives that honour their sacred inner knowing. Only then, will a husband’s heart and soul be at one with life, and from there will he be able to love and accept his married life as the greatest platform to experience his infinite freedom from. Get ready for a revelatory ride of a lifetime! Let’s begin…. To connect with Mark: Ready to end years of guesswork and unnecessary struggle and Be The Husband She Brags About? Find out more about applying to join Heroic Husbands Men’s Circles here. Don’t miss the last opportunity to book an application call today for the last intake of 2023. Get your FREE “15 Simple Habits to Be The Husband She Brags About” e-book at I want to hear from you! Click the link to send me a 90sec voice message with questions, clarifications or feedback on what was most meaningful in today’s episode. Send Mark voice message Now To connect with Mark’s Queen and her incredible work: Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers podcast