The Sisterhood of Success

Rachel Lom

The Sisterhood of Success started because our family of four sisters believe we are happier, healthier, more confident, and more resilient because we have each other – our own little built-in group of cheerleaders and business mastermind group where we can test out ideas and share our most vulnerable fears and challenges. In short, we believe we are more successful because we have each other. And we want to share that feeling with the world.

Host Rachel Lom shares the microphone with a garden of recurring co-hosts that include her real, biological sisters and a handful of "honorary sisters" who discuss issues that promote success, encourage personal growth, and provide a community of support and inspiration.

Our mission is to help all women feel more confident, appreciated, and accepted. Together, we are cultivating a community where women can bloom and grow, tapping into our innate "flower power."

Flowers (like women):
- Need both RAIN and SUNSHINE to grow and thrive.
- Are unique. In fact, their beauty is rooted in their variety.
- Bloom to become the full expression of themselves.
- Serve a variety of purposes (expressing love, providing comfort, offering congratulations and celebration, or no purpose at all -- we enjoy them for just existing)
- Can bloom anywhere under all kinds of conditions, from a carefully tended garden to growing wild in a field to peeking through the cracks of a sidewalk.
- Are better together. As a group, we contribute to the entire bouquet.

We invite you to join us in The Sisterhood!

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