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Hi I'm Cassie Burton and I haved lived with anxiety my whole life. The slow burn, constant hyper-vigilant kind of anxiety, always on high alert, high energy, moving a hundred miles an hour to stay in front of whatever my mind thought was chasing me. Turns out nothing is chasing me and my anxiety stems from childhood trauma.

Did you know, anxiety, over time, can create some pretty serious health issues?
And that's why I'm on a mission is to explore and share ways to manage, soothe and understand trauma and the anxiety it creates.

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Belonging is Lifetime Work
Belonging is Lifetime Work
Why is it so challenging to feel like we belong with others, or in a group? Maybe it’s because we aren't in the practice of belonging to ourselves.So what exactly is belonging? Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity for a member of a certain group. When an individual can bring their authentic self. Here’s the cool thing. When we have the courage to be our authentic true self, we begin to communicate to others with clarity, with confidence and with grace.How do we do it and how do we know when we’ve done it?It is so important to learn to listen to yourself, to come to know yourself. To be in a relationship with yourself and to be in an ongoing daily practice of tuning in to yourself. Belonging is not a fixed end with an achievable moment. It's not like we check it off our to-do list and suddenly we belong. The work of belonging is a practice because we return home again and again to the truth of who we are and a check in with who we are becoming. Belonging to yourself is a practice of deep listening and deep courage.It’s about honoring yourself, acknowledging yourself and seeing yourself.After all, you are the one who will journey with you through this entire life. You are the most important person to see you as you.The intro, and outro music by Sonic Yogi.For more relaxing music checkout http://sonicyogi.comSupport the showWebsite: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook:
S3 E1: Living in Costa Rica with Summer Halloran
S3 E1: Living in Costa Rica with Summer Halloran
Summer Halloran recently spent 3 months in Costa Rica and she joins Curiosity Junkie to share what she learned about herself, her yoga practice, Sea Turtles and surrendering. Affiliate link: Support Curiosity Junkie Podcast Paypal link: Donate and Help Support the Curiosity Junkie Podcast Donate and support the Curiosity Junkie Podcast Links to Yoga EssentialsGaiam Essentials Yoga Block 2 Pack & Yoga Strap Set Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow Spotify: IHeartRadio: Amazon Music Google Podcast: Pandora: Support the showWebsite: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: