How US Antitrust Investigations Into Nvidia, OpenAI and MSFT Could Make Things Worse Not Better

The AI Daily Brief (Formerly The AI Breakdown): Artificial Intelligence News and Analysis

07-06-2024 • 14 mins

The U.S. government is investigating Nvidia, OpenAI, and Microsoft for potential antitrust violations. This episode explores how these investigations could impact the AI industry and whether they might make things worse instead of better. The arguments from both sides are examined, the potential consequences are discussed, and the broader implications for the AI sector are analyzed. ** Join Superintelligent at -- Practical, useful, hands on AI education through tutorials and step-by-step how-tos. Use code podcast for 50% off your first month! ** ABOUT THE AI BREAKDOWN The AI Breakdown helps you understand the most important news and discussions in AI.  Subscribe to The AI Breakdown newsletter: Subscribe to The AI Breakdown on YouTube: Join the community: