Rookie Mistake Every Real Estate Agent Makes

Byron Lazine Audio Experience

20-02-2023 • 5 mins

At the Villa Nova Talk with Lisa Chinatti and Dan Oneil, Byron Lazine explains why it’s well-worth your time to go on as many appointments as you can, why dressing down to seem “authentic” is terrible advice, especially for new agents, and what it means to be a professional. ---------------- Subscribe to Byron Lazine YouTube: Subscribe to BAM Newsletter: Check out BAM: ---------------- Timestamps: 00:00–01:01 Intro 01:01 “The average, ordinary agent would say that’s a waste of time” 02:13 Go on as many appointments as you can. It’s always well-worth your time. 02:23 Agents who prioritize serving “people who get me” over serving everyone in their market 04:01 The “me first” approach limits the number of lives you can change for the better. 04:15 Terrible advice for new agents and what it means to be professional ---------------- Connect with Byron: Website: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: The Real Word: 5AM Call Sign-up: Newsletter here: Check out BombBomb ---------------- Connect with Lisa Chinatti: Connect with Dan Oneil: #realestatevlog #objectionhandling #realestatemastermind

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