Pathetic Dots - Jennifer Dennard ep. 025

Remotely One - A remote work podcast

21-09-2022 • 38 mins

We're joined by Jennifer Dennard, Co-Founder at Range Labs, a place for remote & hybrid teams to check in with each other, in both async and real-time. With extensive experience as  People Operations at Medium, Jennifer saw the potential of combining education and understanding with software as a reinforcing factor.

The pandemic may have forced many companies into a sudden remote work environment, but what it didn't change so suddenly was our behaviors. Many companies were not - and are still not - willing to embrace these changes. Meetings are still mandatory. Office attendance is still a must.

But why?

Social norms. Traditionalist views. Market demands. "It's always been done that way". All the things that make us Pathetic Dots.

Thanks, Jennifer for an enlightening and fun episode!