6: How To Create Your First Online Course with Rachel Scott

All Mats Taken - A Yoga Teachers Business and Lifestyle Podcast

01-07-2024 • 55 mins

On today’s episode, we have the wonderful Rachel Scott teacher trainer and yoga education expert. She combines thousands of hours of teacher training experience with her academic expertise with a Master of Science in Online Education to help yoga teachers and studios create transformational educational experiences.

Rachel supports students, teachers, and trainers to share their passion, find their voice, and inspire others. In addition to authoring five books, she has written for Yoga International, YogaUOnline, and the Huffington Post, and exuberantly shares her knowledge through her coaching, YouTube channel, online courses, and free online classes.

We’ll cover:

  • How to choose your course topic

  • The essentials to planning your courses

  • 101 of making an engaging course people complete

  • Course pricing strategies

  • Marketing tips

  • And more!

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel a few times now as she was a key speaker at this year's summit. As well as being an absolute wealth of knowledge Rachel is so much fun


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