#GameFace! Murder is Good

The XboxCast

03-12-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

Are you ready for the last #GameFace! episode of the year?

Don't be sad. Instead join us for our Game Awards show!

Kyle and Simone got their Halo Achievement! And all it took was Lee to sit in party chat and 'encourage' us! Look at what we can do when we work together. The power of friendship prevails.

Simone gives us an update on Pentiment, some controversial takes and all. She has made a friend. Some one with rickety fingers. But then he died. Oh dear...

Lee has completed Geometric Sniper, and is saying its his Game of the Year. High praise from someone who played 60-something games this year! And then jumps into Gungrave G.O.R.E. A game about shooting. You shoot things and get points and get to shoot more. How crazy is this game? Probably crazier than you think.

We're getting ready for our annual Game of The Year Awards show! And you're invited to contribute. How, you ask? Just fill out this form with your answers and tell us all about your Games of The Year! Let's get HYPED! And you're welcome to jump into our Discord and chat about your nominations there too.

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