Potential Isn’t Proven


Potential isn’t Proven the podcast is hosted by Steve Anthony (@DozaDirection) Mendoza. BUCKLE UP - Steve is energetic, comedic and 100% blunt with his thoughts on maximizing one’s potential. LISTEN UP- as we explore topics in pop culture, motivation, ownership and goal setting. It’s time for you to get off your butt and start PUTTING IN WORK! read less


Network = Higher Net-Worth
Network = Higher Net-Worth
Topic: Network = Higher Net-Worth - we talk about how the people around you can determine your mindset!! DV Bourbon of Choice: Buffalo Trace - Blanton's Gold Edition.Section 1:Somebody is out here working harder.We talk about the Mamba mentality and how even when we rest there is someone out there proving their potential. Someone is working on becoming the next big thing by ownership & preparation.Section 2:Goal Triangle.We break down how to set goals using the triangle method. The first block on the bottom is the 1-2 year mark, these should be attainable goal that you are able to accomplish with consistency. For Example: Local Podcasters. The middle block is the 5-10 year mark, these should be striving goals that you inspire to be one day in the future. These goals seem impossible but you see others doing it so why not you? For Example: Regional Podcaster (more fame and making a living off podcasting). The last block on the top of the triangle is the 10-15 year mark. These goals should be all inspiring, something super hard to get to but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For Example: Joe Rogan (Top of the food chain, someone that is able to make a career out of podcasting). Section 3:Tell me who your friends are & I will show your future. Are you willing to look deep inside and ask yourselves are my friends adding value in my life. Do my friends have a million dollar mindset or are they coming up short? Are they dreamers or achievers. Watch the podcast on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/DozaDirectionFollow @DozaDirection on all social media sites! #PotentialIsntProven #NashvillePodcast