Talking Tech 31st October 2023

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

31-10-2023 • 14 mins

Apple October 31 Scary Fast Event

Scary no, enjoyable yes.

Apple Releases Update of iTunes to Support Podcasts and Audio Books

Odd, because I thought it already did this.

Schools in the US Join Growing Movement to Lock away Phones during School Hours

Just like Australia.

What is New with JAWS 2024

Always my go to screen reader in the work place.,into%20two%20halves%2C%20or%20regions.

Microsoft to Help Australia Cyber Spies in 5 Billion Dollar  Investment

And much more.


Is Google Search Really Better Than Bing or Duck Duck Go

Looks like for more precise search’s, yes.

How Marvels Spider Man 2 is Tackling Accessibility

Great start and keeps accessibility front and centre.

All Terrain Cane

Simply, very sturdy, and if you have had folks break your cane this may be the one for you.

Check for more info.

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