Talking Tech 12th December 2023

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

12-12-2023 • 14 mins

3 Interesting O&M apps to test your listening and navigation Skills

On the App Store, search for EchoVis, and you’ll find 3 games: EchoVis Quest, EchoVis Game, and EchoVis Street.

Seeing AI now Available on Android

Be-My-Eyes Virtual AI Assistant beta rEquest Now Available on Android

Audible and Kindle on the Mac

Two surprises today The iOS app works on my Apple Silicon  Mac with some object windows to navigate with VO, and the Kindle app build from about 3 weeks ago, I can access/read my Kindle books, at least a page at a time.

Messenger Lite app No Longer Working on BlindShell Classic 2

When I tried this, it took me to a web page to start using Messenger web.

Not usable, so I uninstalled the app.

Using Copilot on my Mac

Simply amazing even via the website interface.

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