1 Nephi 6-10 Part 2 • Dr. Gaye Strathearn • Jan 15 - Jan 21 • Come Follow Me

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10-01-2024 • 53 mins

Dr. Gaye Strathearn continues to explore the Savior’s invitation to receive the blessings of the Savior’s Atonement in 1 Nephi 6-10.

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  • 00:00 Part II–Dr. Gaye Strathearn
  • 00:07 The rod of iron and the river symbolism
  • 01:33 Garden of Eden parallels
  • 03:58 Dr. Strathearn shares a personal story about Covid
  • 08:13 The Great and Spacious building
  • 10:04 Human self-sufficiency vs. belief in God
  • 13:26 Residents of the Great and Spacious Building
  • 15:56 Korihor
  • 16:40 Approval of God vs the approval of man
  • 18:33 John shares a story about missionary in a prison
  • 20:31 Staying at the Tree of Life
  • 24:47 Activity vs passivity
  • 28:21 The four groups in Lehi’s dream parallel four types of ground
  • 30:40 Nephi asks regarding Lehi’s Dream
  • 34:05 Lehi teaches about the seed of Laman and Lemuel
  • 39:13 Jesus saves from the darkness
  • 42:39 The Allegory of Zenos
  • 46:54 Understanding the Fall
  • 48:51 Allowing the Spirit to teach as we study
  • 52:53 End of Part II– Dr. Gaye Strathearn

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