Mosiah 4-6 Part 1 • Dr. Aaron Schade • April 29 - May 5 • Come Follow Me

followHIM: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

24-04-2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

Has one talk inspired you to change your life? Dr. Aaron Schade explores the vital importance of recording God's words, their power to transform a people, and how the Atonement of Jesus Christ cleanses and prepares a people.



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  • 00:00 Part 1–Dr. Aaron Schade
  • 00:42 What to expect in this episode
  • 02:07 Introduction of Dr. Aaron Schade
  • 03:00 Has one talk inspired you to change your life?
  • 04:16 Mosiah 4:1 - What did the angel say?
  • 06:36 Background to Mosiah 4
  • 07:04 Omni 1:23-24 - War and bloodshed
  • 09:20 Words of Mormon 1:13-18 - No more contention
  • 09:43 Mosiah 1:1 - How to find peace
  • 10:42 Omni 1:25-26 - Mosiah 4 - Inclusivity and record importance
  • 15:02 Mormon 1:7 -  Faith and “wise purpose”
  • 18:16 Words of Mormon 1:12,16 Benjamin fights, contention causing apostasy
  • 22:13  Mosiah 1-2 - Why Mosiah legitimizes his son Benjamin
  • 23:32 Mosiah 1:3 - John shares personal story of son losing journal
  • 26:38 Mosiah 1:3-4, 7 Authenticity and Joseph Smith’s poverty
  • 31:35 Mosiah 2 Treatise on leadership
  • 32:47 Mosiah 2:3-4 Burnt offerings, the sacrament, and love
  • 36:39 Mosiah 3:5-11 Purpose of sacrifices
  • 39:13 Tabernacle of clay and Jehovah is Jesus
  • 43:33 Mosiah 3:8-11 - Names of Jesus and sinning in ignorance
  • 50:20 Mosiah 4:2 - What is King Benjamin’s desired outcome?
  • 55:18 Dr. Schade shares personal story of prayer, revelation, and humility
  • 57:13 Mosiah 4:2 - “To cover” and a new creature in Christ
  • 59:12 Elder Bednar and President Oaks teach about having clean hands and a pure heart
  • 01:00:14 Mosiah 4:6 - God’s wisdom and long-suffering
  • 01:04:19 Mosiah 4:19 - Beggars, caring for the needy, and familial contention
  • 01:07:40 End of Part 1 - Dr. Aaron Schade

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"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald

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