Dyl & Friends | #234 Steven Baker: 'How to Build Grit & Resilience'

Dyl & Friends

14-04-2024 • 52 mins

This week on Dyl & Friends I'm joined by Steven Baker! Bakes is a former St Kilda FC Best & Fairest winner, and one of the game's toughest taggers. We spoke about his playing days in the early 2000's, his relationship with Ross Lyon and some of his favourite memories from his time at the Saints. Bakes also opened up on the struggles he went through after his close mate Shane Warne passed away, and how it led to a new chapter in his life. If you want to book Steven in to come speak at your event, head to www.buildgrit.com.au or contact Bakes at @stevenbaker10 on Instagram. If you liked this episode, have a listen to this: #185 Lenny Hayes Contact Email - mailbag@dylandfriends.com Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends Youtube - @clubbysports Facebook - dylandfriends Tiktok - @dylandfriends Dyl & Friends is produced by Darcy Parkinson Video and audio production by Producey. ILY xx