Dyl & Friends | #232 James Brayshaw: 'Saturday Rub classics, North Melbourne's near move to Gold Coast & the importance of preparation'

Dyl & Friends

31-03-2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

This week on Dyl & Friends I'm joined by James Brayshaw. James has been, and remains today, one of the AFL's biggest media talents in the game. We spoke about his transition from professional cricket into the media world, working with the Triple M crew on the Saturday Rub, The Footy Show, his time as president at North Melbourne and how they nearly moved to the Gold Coast plus plenty plenty more! Triple M: Spud's Make Up Email Exposed @jamesbrayshaw If you liked this episode, have a listen to this: #147 Brian Taylor Contact Email - mailbag@dylandfriends.com Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends Youtube - @clubbysports Facebook - dylandfriends Tiktok - @dylandfriends Dyl & Friends is produced by Darcy Parkinson Video and audio production by Producey. ILY xx