Dyl & Friends | #229 Oli McDonald: 'DAF heads WEST'

Dyl & Friends

12-03-2024 • 44 mins

Oli McDonald is the founder & co-owner of Perth-based clothing brand 'Oli'. We chat about the birth of Oli, what it's like running a start-up, managing employees & all the details around our Dyl & Friends x Oli collaboration! www.oliclothing.com/ If you liked this episode, have a listen to this: #207 Ed Hatcher (Alfreds Apartment) Contact Email - mailbag@dylandfriends.com Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends Youtube - @clubbysports Facebook - dylandfriends Tiktok - @dylandfriends Dyl & Friends is produced by Darcy Parkinson Video and audio production by Producey. ILY xx