Cheran Ketheesuran | On The Journey To Banking and Consulting Graduate Roles

Graduate Theory

20-06-2022 • 1 hr 12 mins

Cheran Ketheesuran is in his final year of commerce and law at the University of Sydney. He’s a former Investment Banking intern at Macquarie, current investment intern at OIF Ventures and incoming graduate at McKinsey.

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00:00 Cheran Ketheesuran
00:44 Cheran's Intro to Finance
04:23 The Finance Job Process
07:46 Cheran Missing Winters
11:06 How to prepare for IB Internships
20:01 How did Cheran prepare more for Summer
27:16 Importance of your Network
33:27 The value of university clubs in creating connections
35:46 Common areas in job applications that people get stuck on
40:10 Cheran's Biggest Learning
44:49 Cheran's failure that ended up being a success
51:23 The Post Interview Decision Process
58:53 What questions did Cheran ask in his post-offer decision process?
1:02:40 What drives Cheran
1:06:24 Cheran's Advice
1:10:33 Where to contact Cheran
1:11:34 Outro

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