Robby Wade | On The Importance of Perspective

Graduate Theory

13-06-2022 • 48 mins

Robby Wade is a former banking manager, who is on a mission to revolutionise the industry of chat.
He’s a former COO of Vid, and Founding Partner at asset investment group, Nebula Partners, and now CEO and Co-Founder of ThisApp.

Graduate Theory

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00:00 Robby Wade
00:18 Intro
00:51 Robby's Journey from NAB to Silicon Valley
06:01 What Robby learnt from Crypto Advisory
08:24 Robby's ThisApp story
16:11 What keeps Robby going
27:38 Robby's Learning Journey and Engineering
34:41 Failures that turned out to be a success
45:22 Robby's Advice for Graduates
47:24 Contact Robby
48:22 Outro

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