Redefining Confidence: A Conversation with Lisa Sun, CEO of Gravitas

Unscripted Pivots: Inspiring Stories from WTF [Women That Flourish]

01-11-2023 • 53 mins

In this empowering episode, Danielle engages in a candid and insightful conversation with Lisa Sun, CEO of "Gravitas" and author of the book "Gravitas: The 8 Strengths That Redefine Confidence".

Key Points:

Redefining Confidence: Lisa discusses the need to change the scorecards by which success is defined and how behaviors should be rewarded instead of asking individuals to "be more confident."

The Gravitas Clothing Brand: The fashion brand which aims to catalyze confidence through clothing.

The Confidence Closet: Lisa describes her pop-up shops, where women are encouraged to focus on their strengths rather than their perceived flaws.

The Three C's: Lisa introduces her concept of the three C's – courage, compassion, and connection – as antidotes to self-doubt, envy, and comparison.

The Journey to Writing a Book: Lisa shares her five-year journey to writing her book, emphasizing the need for a well-structured proposal, a supportive team, and persistence.

The Power of Allyship: The importance of supporting and empowering other women, highlighting the impact each person can have on a community of women.


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Get Lisa's book: Gravitas: The 8 Strengths That Redefine Confidence

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