Breaking Barriers: Pioneering DEI, LGBTQ Advocacy, and Real Estate Law with Ashley Breakfield

Unscripted Pivots: Inspiring Stories from WTF [Women That Flourish]

19-07-2023 • 35 mins

My guest today, Ashley Breakfield, holds a number of titles: lawyer, mom, wife, leader, and trailblazer, to name a few. She is a dedicated champion for diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the real estate world, and this conversation was so powerful. Together we explore her journey through addiction, career pivots within her law career, becoming a mother, and advocacy work as a member of the LGBTQ community.

In our conversation, Ashley and I talk about:

  • [1:12] Her impressive resume as a partner in a real estate law firm
  • [5:41] Her struggle with drug addiction
  • [8:31] How she went from addiction to law school
  • [9:27] Her story of coming out and her family's response
  • [15:27] Her law career and how it intersected with starting a family
  • [17:27] The unscripted pivot from litigation to practicing real estate law
  • [18:06] The landscape for real estate law in California
  • [21:06] The proposition of nature vs. nurture when it comes to our children's personalities
  • [23:08] Her decision to pursue sobriety from alcohol
  • [25:06] How our authenticity and openness can give others permission to be themselves
  • [30:37] How we both manage sobriety in professional environments
  • [32:34] The importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in our professional and personal lives

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