22 - Every Day You Can Start a New Life | Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Swami Tattwamayananda

Yoga Sutras and the World of the Human Mind

17-02-2019 • 1 hr 11 mins

Lecture by Swami Tattwamayananda. Through selfless action, Kriya Yoga, we begin the process of weakening our obstacles. Through meditation, we nullify their external manifestations. Through Pratiprasava, counter-evolution, we find the subtle causes of our obstacles. Yoga gives solutions and methods for changing your destiny by evolving your Karmashaya, your accumulated tendencies constituting your character. A simple story is narrated to drive the point home. Spiritualizing all of our secular activities, we do not separate out what the intellect wants to do and what our mind actually allows us to do. The nature of dreams is then discussed to illustrate the concept of our subtle mental tendencies. Verses: II.1, II.10, II.12