It‘s Probably (not) Aliens!

Tristan Johnson & Scott Niswander

Was Earth really visited by mysterious extraterrestrial travelers thousands of years ago as many proponents of ”ancient astronaut theory” believe? What are the hidden secrets and mysteries behind ancient monuments and forgotten civilizations? Every week, historian Tristan Johnson and regular human person Scott Niswander dive through the archives to learn about the fascinating histories of ancient civilizations while also debunking the myths and straight-up lies presented in History Channel‘s massively popular tv show Ancient Aliens that has sparked a new generation of conspiracy theorists. We hope through this show, you can gain an appreciation for just how cool ancient societies were, and not simply credit their impressive advancements to alien visitors. NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK! Follow the show so you don‘t miss an episode, and leave us a review! It really helps us out! read less


It's Probably Not Aliens Holiday Special: Protocol Atlantis
It's Probably Not Aliens Holiday Special: Protocol Atlantis
Get new episodes early on Nebula!The year is 7023. Humanity has admittedly had a rough go of it. Last christmas, a shapeshifting alien from Earth disguising itself as Santa wreaked havoc on the X Intellectual Conference at the X Convention Center, in X City. Nobody is sure how it got there, but everyone knows it was stopped by two brave heroes: Derrick Von Erican and Indianapolis Dave. Interestingly enough, those two JUST came back from Earth, and stories of their time there have been wildly published, generating more interest in the Pale Grey Dot.General Michael Ivan Cochran is the head of the Martian Military, which accounts for 60% of the Martian annual budget to protect from extra-terrestrial threats. That WILL show up. Any. Day. Now. MIC has reason to suspect there are actually ALIENS on the Earth, and even scarier: GIANT aliens, and even scarier still UNDERWATER GIANT ALIENS. Around the end of the year, they assemble some sort of alien instrument with various pieces around a giant tree. Now, this COULD just be a community sharing gifts with each other for a winter holiday… or it COULD be an alien super weapon meant to destroy all of Mars. the ONLY way to be safe, is to send a small strike team of two HEROES back to Earth, to steal the pieces of this super weapon before all of Mars can be destroyed. And who better than the heroes who saved last Christmas, and also, ENTIRELY COINCIDENTALLY, went to Earth around the same time? This is: Its Probably Not Aliens: Protocol Atlantis.It's that time of year we put aside our chrome tabs for dice and 3 grown adults play pretend on a microphone for the entertainment of dozens. Happy holidays!Check out Tulok/Phil's work here: to It's Probably (not) Aliens for weekly episodes about cool ancient history! And give us a 5-star review if you have the time. It would really help us out!Tristan Johnson Twitter | YouTubeScott Niswander Twitter | YouTubeFollow the show on Twitter for more updates!Ask us questions and send us topics to talk about at ProbsNotAliens.comMusic by Rod Kim | Cover art by SkutchSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at