Ep. 154: Making Connections in the CPC: Alignment of the Why

Out of the Hourglass

10-05-2023 • 36 mins

Nolan Consulting Group’s Planning Tool, the Cascading Planning Cycle (CPC) is defined by a core  set of planning activities from annual, quarterly and monthly meetings that produce guiding documents for vision achievement at all levels in an organization. Within these guiding documents are planning activities that derive core themes, directives and intention.

These are known as the Primary Aim, Strategic Intent, the Vision and the Action Items or goals set forth. These are the backbone of what drives personal and professional strategy, what moves the business and the business owner forward.

On today’s episode, NCG Sr. Coach Andrew Amrhein reminds us WHY working through these intention setting directives is so important, it’s because they are our why... And as a result, must work in alignment with each other for progress to be achieved.