Season 1 Season Finale! Dina Grilli and "The Thief in Disguise"

Vintage Old Biddy

15-06-2021 • 55 mins

It’s the finale of Season 1! Thank you for your support on this inaugural season!

On this episode:

An interview about murder and other stuff with the one and only Dina Grilli.

Michelle McNamera’s Oded to an Old Man from “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark:

This month’s radio show features an original radio play by Byron Hagan. A madcap caper, the first chapter of “A Thief in Disguise” follows a group of criminals as they try and pull of the heist of their careers.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Scot Cahoon

Dina Grilli

Byron Hagan

Joshua Lopez

Michelle Maccarone

Karen Mascolo Hagan

Matthew Martin

Alyson Ryan Kogan

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