008: Why do creators resist taking consistent action marketing their coloring books?

The Coloring Book Creator Podcast

07-11-2022 • 23 mins

Why do creators resist taking consistent action in marketing their books? (this is a continuation of the conversation that started in episode 007 where I asked the question, “What if wasn’t about the book?”

If you haven’t listened I highly encourage you to do so after you listen to today’s episode) if this is your first time hearing me my name is Rodney Washington, a published coloring book author and I have 14 plus year background in marketing specifically online I want I know after working with all sorts of creatives generally speaking creatives struggle with marketing. And that’s why I created the last episode of the podcast which served as the inspiration for this one.

I’ve shared this with the students of my Publish & Promote program that marketing is actually one of the most creative things as creators we can do because at its core we’re natural connectors and that’s why in my opinion if we can get out of our heads about it make us great marketers.

So many creatives when we hear the word marketing immediately start thinking about being pushy, salesy, or aggressive. But here’s the deal when someone sees our book we don’t have to be any of those things. If you’ve created something, in this case, a book, that someone wants, and assuming you present it to the right people, why would they not want it?

No need to be aggressive or pushy, true marketing is all about connection and that’s the focus of this episode, first connecting with yourself by first becoming honest with yourself why do you resist marketing? Let’s start with the #1 reason why talking about our products is so challenging.

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