Women In Tech: How To Build Confidence And Accelerate Your Career with Caren Williams

The Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast

14-02-2023 • 51 mins

Episode Summary

This week Caren Williams is back on the pod! Caren is a Brand & Marketing Strategist and a two-time guest on the show. In this episode, we’re talking about bringing your whole self to work, and why as women, this is essential to the success of our careers.

Caren shares her personal journey of how she discovered the power of bringing her whole self to work, the pitfalls of not doing so, and how being your own ally builds confidence beyond measure.

In this episode you’ll learn:

2:39 - Where is Caren now + life post-pandemic

5:51 - What is tech-adjacent marketing?

9:10 - Bridging the gap between marketing and tech

9:55 - How to pitch yourself as technical (even if you’re not)

14:49 - Caren’s first tech project

21:17 - Where women often hold back in tech

22:55 - How to build confidence in your craft

31:08 - The essential mindset for non-techy people

40:13 - How to bring your whole self to work + why this matters

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