What The P-Word And Managing Stress Have In Common with Muse Lokajickova

The Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast

16-02-2021 • 55 mins

Episode Summary

This week I’m chatting with Muse Lokajickova, a licensed acupuncturist and a bodyworker who helps women find ease, health, and power in their pelvis cycles so they can live to their full capacity.  You may be wondering, how do pelvis cycles and women’s health fit into a business podcast?  The answer may surprise you! You won’t want to miss this episode - Muse shares her unique business journey and gifts us with 3 simple steps (yes, for you, too, my male listeners!) to calm our precious nervous systems when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Episode Takeaways:

  • What does it mean to be in our body? Free and having full agency. Our life force is present in all of us.
  • It’s difficult to process emotion in the moment, thus all too often we disconnect from it.
  • Step #1 - if you are feeling stressed or emotional is to ground yourself, literally imagining yourself being connected to the ground with your life force.
  • Step #2 - be aware – in order to be aware of your internal states, we need to keep deciding over and again that it is okay to go through things that are hard.
  • We have to be okay with not always feeling awesome.
  • Every person’s body has a distinct way of communicating when something’s not at all right.
  • When you feel that something is not quite right, you’ll notice that something is contracted. Just exhale.
  • Grounding ourselves is a way to connect to our true selves and be in the moment.
  • Instruction lives in our DNA – we can’t access it if we are stress balls and cutting ourselves off.
  • Step #3 - when you are overwhelmed with emotion - get out in nature and plug in your nervous system to the greater network of nature.
  • If we can connect with nature, our body and nervous system can be reminded there is always hope, there is always the seed of hope in every leaf, in every twig, in every seed in the soil, it’s all around us.
  • Bonus Step - celebrate the fact you caught yourself being stressed out. If you caught yourself in that moment once every day, that’s going to add up and make a huge difference.
  • We don’t always have to be living in the start of zen – it’s not possible.
  • Every time we notice our body and decide we are going to let go of our breath, it builds resilience. It is medicine we can make for ourselves that amplifies itself.
  • In closing, it is really important we guard our personal time before we go to sleep and when we wake up in the morning - we need unplugging time – no tech and consuming media. Just be still.


When you feel overwhelmed with emotion or feel stressed, help is on the way. The first thing to do is calm your nervous system. You can do this by grounding yourself and connecting with your true self, being aware of the emotion you are feeling, and getting out in nature plugging in your nervous system to the greater network of nature.

You Don’t Want to Miss…

03:01 – A little bit about Muse

05:25 – Muse’s journey to entrepreneurship

22:20 – Being guided by your heart in business

28:31 – How to operate from our true selves

47:51 – Work with Muse + summary of the 3 steps

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