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Hear the Bible presented to children through engaging and artful storytelling using imagery, sound effects, and voices. These short episodes teach young children the Bible and helps them apply the Gospel to their own lives. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Romans 10:17. May your children hear the Word through this podcast. Simply click play and enjoy listening during car rides or breakfast. read less
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333: God Answers the 5 Sisters
333: God Answers the 5 Sisters
Numbers 27:1-11. Join us on one of  Bible's lesser-known scriptures in our new series: "Hidden Gems: The Lesser-Known Stories of the Bible." In this episode, we explore the courageous scripture of the five Daughters of Zelophehad. Join us as we uncover how these remarkable sisters stood up in order to inherit their father’s land; a bold move that led to a historic change in the law. Key Takeaways: Faith in Action: These sisters demonstrated profound faith and determination. Believing that God would provide for them, they took action, which reminds us that faith often requires us to step forward and act. God's Just: The story highlights God’s commitment to justice. When Moses sought God’s guidance, He affirmed the sisters' plea, showing that God values the rights and inheritances of all His people, including women. Kids will remember that this was a first. Most cultures then didn’t value children and women but God changes that.Legacy of Change: The decision in favor of the Daughters of Zelophehad didn’t just affect their immediate situation—it instituted a new law that impacted the entire community. This shows how courageous actions can lead to significant societal changes.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To enjoy the library of bonus content (coloring pages, sheets, memory verse, etc) for the episodes go here and click bonus content. By enjoying them, you also help support this podcast so THANK YOU! With your help, we're getting closer to reaching our goal which gives us the freedom to continue this podcast without charging for episodes.To connect with us, go here.For our free Read-A-Loud pdf book go here.See for privacy information.
#326: Fireflies and Fish: Good Light or Bad Light?
#326: Fireflies and Fish: Good Light or Bad Light?
Psalm 119:105-112 & John 8:12   Kids Bible Stories Podcast: Episode - "Jesus: The True Light" In today's episode, we explore the powerful message of Jesus as the ultimate beacon in our lives, shining brighter and truer than any other source. We learned that Jesus describes Himself as "the light of the world," offering us guidance, peace, love, forgiveness, and direction unlike any other. Unlike deceptive lights in the world, like the angler fish's lure, which may seem appealing but lead to harm, Jesus' light is always genuine and life-giving. We also delved into how God's word acts as a lamp for our feet and a light on our path, guiding us through life's journey. This divine light isn't found in the shows we watch, the advice of friends, or the allure of commercials enticing us to desire material things. It's in the Bible, God's word, which always leads us toward what's truly good. We discussed the importance of discerning between the misleading "lights" of the world—like the temptations of consumerism or messages that encourage disrespect—and the one true light, Jesus, who desires what's best for us. Remember, the next time you're faced with a decision or a direction, ask yourself: does this align with the light that Jesus offers? Key Takeaways: Jesus is the true light that guides us with love and truth.God's word is our ultimate source of guidance, not the fleeting attractions of the world.Always test what guides you by comparing it to the teachings of the Bible. To enjoy the library of bonus content (coloring pages, sheets, memory verse etc) for episodes go here and click bonus content. By enjoying them, you also help support this podcast so THANK YOU! To connect with us, learn our belief statement and more, go here. For our free Read-A-Loud pdf book go here.  See for privacy information.See for privacy information.