05.03.20 (MP3): AR-15 Q&A - .223 VS 5.56, M4 or M-16, What "AR" Means, Long VS Short Handguards (Technique & Style), Co-Witnessed Sights, 1 or 2-Stage Triggers, Barrel Length & Twist, + The Most Important Thing Ever: LEGO Bullets

Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

10-05-2020 • 59 mins

Arm yourself with some facts for the next time you walk into a word-fight about AR-platform rifles. The Gearhead Consultancy got together with shooters and military men at Freedom:30 Arms for a walk-through of the basic bits of knowledge necessary for knowin' the AR-15 a little bit better.

Where to start? What kind of twist is right for you? How about barrel length? How about shined up GI triggers compared with fancy Geissele single-stagers? What kind of hand-guard do you like (and why?) ... And the best side topic ever: did you know LEGO Man's head is a .40 bullet?