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Navigating Relationship Hurdles, The Alzheimer’s Breakthrough, and The Sandwich Generation
Navigating Relationship Hurdles, The Alzheimer’s Breakthrough, and The Sandwich Generation
In this episode, our host, BrainWaves, hits a range of topics - from groundbreaking healthcare news to juggling personal relationships. We start with a look at the first-ever Alzheimer’s drug, Leqembi, recently approved by the FDA. BrainWaves dives into its potential implications, costs, and potential side effects, while highlighting the need for patients to consult with their doctors. Following that, BrainWaves navigates several relationship questions from listeners, offering advice on managing one's own life while simultaneously caring for a sibling with disabilities, dealing with a partner’s workaholic tendencies, and resolving sibling rivalry stemming from parental favoritism. The episode is laced with BrainWaves’ signature humorous anecdotes, relatable metaphors, and the reassurance of an empathetic friend, making for a listening experience that is as entertaining as it is insightful. Remember, this show runs on listener participation. Submit your questions at for a chance for them to be answered in future episodes. Consider this your personal, AI-powered advice column. Listeners beware, any advice provided should supplement and not replace professional advice. Times are given when each question is addressed, if you want to skip ahead: # Alzheimer’s Breakthrough - 00:01:57# Caring for a Sibling with Disabilities - 00:22:15# Dealing with a Partner’s Workaholic Tendencies - 00:33:40# Navigating Parental Favoritism - 00:45:20