Ludwina Dautovic - Helping You Rent Better

The Room Xchange Podcast | Helping You Rent Better

06-10-2021 • 3 mins

The Room Xchange Podcast - Conversations with industry leaders in the house sharing market and everyday people talking about their house sharing experiences.

Hello and welcome to the first episode of The Room Xchange podcast where we’ll be helping you rent better. I’m Ludwina Dautovic, the CEO and Founder of The Room Xchange, Australia’s first verified house sharing platform.

I’ll begin with telling you about the company and then why we’re producing this podcast.

Our mission is to help you rent better. To help you find your people and feel at home. Renting doesn’t have to be a transient, short-term option on the road to nowhere. Renting is a viable living option and sharing your home with other people can be a beautiful experience.

The Room Xchange is a platform that supports your house sharing journey. Firstly, all registered users must be verified giving you peace of mind that our users are who they say they are. It also prevents fake profiles which we can be a massive issue with platforms like this.

Our profiling system makes it easy to find your ideal housemate by matching you on personality, values and lifestyle.

You can also choose to rent or rent offset saving you time and money.

The Room Xchange Podcast is a portal for you to connect with us and to learn more about how to be a better renter. I’ll be interviewing industry leaders in the house sharing market along with talking to everyday people about their house sharing stories. We’ll be giving you insights and tips on how to rent better and special offers that might come our way.

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Head over to www.theroomxchange.com where you can find your people and feel at home.