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Why YOU Need To Be Unapologetically YOU With Margot Miller
Why YOU Need To Be Unapologetically YOU With Margot Miller
From Margot's Website: Not many people know this, but I didn’t have the easiest start in life. I was born with a port-wine stain on my face into one of the most image-conscious communities in the United States (Marin County, California), and learned, quite quickly, that looking different was not acceptable. At all. By the time I graduated high school, I’d had a couple hundred procedures, made national news for being the first kid EVER to undergo some of these plastic surgeries (#guineapig 🐀), and been bullied for my appearance over and over again. To add insult to injury, I had a handful of learning disabilities. I couldn’t read or write and was told, from the 3rd grade, that I wouldn’t go anywhere in life... After getting sober at 20, you’d think things’d get better. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. They got way fucking worse. I bounced about from one institution to the next – detox centres, sober living, etc. I finally made my way back to society at the ripe age of 23, but of course it wasn’t without any drama. My open wounds made me a magnet for cluster B personalities – borderlines, histrionics, narcissists. Oh – and some sociopaths and psychopaths, too. 🤪 It’s neither wonder I got my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy… I even won a scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. but my body had other plans. Like being bedridden for nearly a decade with a chronic illness called CFS. I went from doctor to doctor, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING was working – so I made it my responsibility to find a solution for MYSELF.