Best of US Investors's Podcast

Kerry Grinkmeyer

I'm a retired financial advisor, I sold my business in 2005 and as a result of attending Social Media Marketing World in 2017 decided I had knowledge and opinions the I wanted to share. My interests are in real estate, the financial markets, and self-improvement. I think of Best of Us, my YouTube channel, as my TV station where I can have a voice to the world.I hope you'll find it as much fun as I do and I hope you'll find value in what I share. I want something in return. I want to reach 1 million subscribers. This is going to be a race against time, I'm 75 years old. Not to worry, I'm good at racing, I'm the fastest 75 to 80 year old in the state of Alabama, 12th fastest in the United States. I run in the Senior Olympics. So I know if I live long enough I'll win both races. read less