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REDISCOVER The '70s: Outlaw Country

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The 1970s Outlaws chronicled life on the road with self-deprecating lyrics and a renegade sadness.


1Whiskey River2Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down3Me and Paul4Kentucky5Pancho & Lefty6Dallas7I Been to Georgia On a Fast Train8Up Against The Wall, Red Neck (Live In Luckenbach, TX/1973)9L. A. Freeway10Pissin' In The Wind11You Never Even Called Me By My Name12I'm Not Lisa13Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way14Bluebird Wine (2003 Remaster)15The Last Gunfighter Ballad16Somewhere South of Macon17Texas (When I Die)18Long Haired Country Boy19Single Again20I Ain't Living Long Like This21Waitin' Around To Die22Amarillo Highway (for Dave Hickey)23Red Headed Stranger24Take This Job and Shove It25I'm a Ramblin' Man26My Own Kind Of Hat27No Expectations28Why You Been Gone so Long29Bloody Mary Morning30Joe, Don't Let Your Music Kill You31Broken Hearted People32Backslider's Wine33No Place to Fall34Marie Laveau35Honky Tonk Heroes36The Pilgrim - Chapter 3337Satin Sheets38Leaving Louisiana In the Broad Daylight39Sold American40Don't Ask Me Why (I'm Going To Texas)41Allegheny42Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 143Gettin' By (Live)44I Had My Hopes Up High45Rode Hard and Put up Wet46I Ain't Looking for the Answers Anymore47If I Needed You48Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got out of Hand