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The Hardest 100 - 2021

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

The 100 best heavy songs of 2021, as voted by fans. Visit & stay heavy!


1Contraband2DiE4u3Clockwork4Circle With Me5Impermanence6Like Love7To the Hellfire8Dead Butterflies9We Got the Moves10Echo Chamber11deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)12Casanova13All It Takes14Pump It15Yellowjacket (feat. Sam Carter)16Death Is All Around17The Void18Funeral Derangements19Dismember20Forever Sinking21Blueprint22The Chapeltown Rag23Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)24Bad Decisions25Dogma26Permanent27Secret Garden28Give up the Ghost29Toxic30Baba Yaga31CALI SUN32Snowblood33In The Court Of The Dragon34Walk Over My Grave35Dad Vibes36love race [feat. Kellin Quinn]37THE LONELY PEOPLE38Hip To Be Scared [feat. Jacoby Shaddix]39Alkaline40Everything We Need4127 Club42BLACKOUT43Start The Healing44Assault & Batteries45Hurt You46High Horse47Hit It Back48Amazonia49Once a Rose, Now a Parasite50VAMPYR51Knives52Protagonist53Vanish Canvas54HOLIDAY55Afterlife56Out Of Style57Heavy Tongue58Deeper Sleep59The Sound of the Rain60Kamikaze (feat. Will King)61Parasite62Gungrave63Devil's Cut64Meteor65Post-Boredom66Reshape Me67THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND68Born of a Lie69Born For One Thing70Shatter71Rainy Day72Tragedy73Discourse Is Dead74Khronic75Bite Me76APATHY77Start the Fire78molotov [OK]79Hindsight80Nothing Else Matters [feat. WATT & Elton John & Yo-Yo Ma & Robert Trujillo & Chad Smith]81Backburner82Beneath the Sand83Timebomb84If only you could feel something too85VAMPIRE'S DIET86Manic87The System Is Racist And Oppressive88Freefall89papercuts90Tangaroa91Sever What Makes Me Like Them92Arrows93The Past Is Dead94Goliath95Don't Start96Can You Feel My Heart (Remix)97Purple Static98So Tired99The Bearer of Bad News100The Entire History of You