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The Hardest 100 - 2020

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

The Hardest 100 countdown of 2020, voted by fans. Visit & stay heavy!

99 songs • 5 hours and 59 minutes

1Animals (Amazon Original) 2Akudama 3Hypermania4Parasite Eve 5Hypa Hypa6Kingslayer 7Hellbringer 8Teardrops 9Holy Roller (feat. Ryo Kinoshita)10Soak Me In Bleach11Black Lungs 12Obey 13Erase Me14Dear Diary, 15Bones16Worldwide Suicide 17Landmine 18Holy Roller19Mindreader20forget me too 21Brick Wall 22Aftermath23Pray For Rain24Enemy Of The Night25Vagabond26Restricted (R18+) 271x1 28Killing Season 29bloody valentine 30Psychosis31Above My Head32The Drug In Me Is Reimagined 33Snowblood 34Another World35One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death 36Demolisher 37Blessed Be38Creep 39Ohms40Blurry41Son Of A Witch 42Heavy Eyes43Pain Is Power44Race Car Blues45Figure Eight46Drown With Me47Trilogy48Soul Decay 49Monsters (feat. Demi Lovato and blackbear) 50Memento Mori51Martyr (Waves)52If I Believed53Swallowing the Rabbit Whole 54concert for aliens 55Warfare 56THOUSAND GOLDEN PEOPLE57Catatonia 58SLEEPS SOCIETY59bleed 4 you60{ The Dreamer’s Hotel } 61Flower62Genesis63SENSE AGAIN64All Of This Is Fleeting65Genocidal Humanoidz66Quarantine 67Mr. Magic 68Carrion (Live at Wacken)69Constance70Catastrophist71The Water72a quiet place to die73Shh!74Protect The Land75Requiem 76Carry On77Violence 78Funeral Home79Disobey 80Monsters 81Enigma82Two-Way Mirror83body bag [feat. Bert McCracken] 84Blind & Falling85Creatures Of Habit86Forever87acting like that [feat. Machine Gun Kelly] 88Daylight89Never Coming Back 90Guidance From The Pain91Purgatory92Composure 93Jurassic Park94DOA [feat. Joyner Lucas]95Rot In Pieces 96Prisoner 97Feel so Empty98Hurt Me99Dead Walk