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Dirty Beats

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1To The Money (Aluna & Shadow Child Remix)2Soda Pop3Hot In The Club4Skinny Dipping5Lemonade6Booty Call7Into The Groove8Life Of Sin (feat. Ranger Trucco)9Something's about to go down10Pain And Pleasure11Hardcore12San Francisco13King Kong14Freaking Out15Train16SPLASHGOD - Hype Hop Edit (feat. Swagger Rite, Lord Afrixana, Just John)17Get High18Heatwave [feat. Clarity]19First Night Out20Let Me Hear You21Move22Boyz N Da Club23My Name (feat. Lolita Leopard)24Covet25Everything Is Burning26Do My Dance!27De Tecidos28Just Feels Tight29I'm A Mess30Rockstar (feat. Tony Watts)31Naughty Water32Like Whoa33Your Body34Groove Take Hold35F Soft Shit36Rumpshaker (Edit)37RIP38Hangover39Bacardi In My Cup40Berlin Sanfrandisco41Curses42Pump The Brakes (Catz 'n Dogz Remix)43The Beat Drops44Pass The Dutch45The Answer46Bad Bitches (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)47Give Em What They Want48Drop The Top49What's the Word50Weekday Anthem51High Caliber52Lose It53GUCCI LOUIS54Coming In Hot - Wuki Remix55Black Mirror56Big Dog57Come On Time58Take It59Dinky Whale60Control61Drop It Slow62Don't Stop63Wonderland64Make U Mine65Sweat66Takey Body67Blink68All Night69Sick Bitch70Free Dessert71100% Tapped72Magic Potion73Pumpin74Psychic Attack75Downfall76Lift Off77Recycle That78Big Racks79What You Want80BOOTY MACHINE81Gimme82Famous Last Words83Time Waster84LO*E DR*G85Don't Waste My Time86Light Show87Turn It Up88Back2back (Edit)89Flames90Area Code91Work That Body92Dance With Me93This New System94The Tempo95Hotel Fellatio96Dash (AC Slater Remix)97Moving Blind (Biscits Remix)98Tangerine99Get Me Some (AC Slater Remix)100Get Creative