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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

The latest in dark synth and goth electronic.


1Magic of the Manifold2Anafor3The Lowest Places You'll Go4Broke My Heart5Mssd Up (Clean Edit)6Reckoning7High All the Time (Radio Edit)8Killer9OBI10Inside Out11Our Blood (Clubbing Mix)12Give Up Control13Nothing Is Real14Albtraum15Through the Sun16Become The Lies17Perdí Mi Ojo De Venado18Waiting Times19Robrash20i like the way you kiss me21I Was So Alive22It Sucks23Molly24Pain (Remastered)25Free World26Wagging Tongue (Wet Leg Remix)27Fascination28Ego Slave29Spare Me the Decision (Sextile Remix)30Blind31Compliance32Dystopia33TELL ME WHEN I'M TELLING LIES34The Skin And The Glove35Locked In36Tubular Bells37Passing Us By38Afar39HOT LOVE (BOY HARSHER REMIX)40Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Kontravoid Remix)41False Confidence42Basically Crazy43Heat44Never Ever45Too Deep (Confines Heavy Hand Remix)46The X ID47Gravity48Angst (RMX by twocolors)49HATEFUL [feat. SIERRA]50Severed51Клетка52I Wish I Was You (Twin Tribes Remix)53Give Me a Reason54Reverberation55Crossing Guard56Tomorrow's Sky57Paralyzed5833359Amsterdam (Deep Inside) (Single Version)60The Man For You61The Perfect Girl62Circles63Contortion64Eternos65Rose In A Glass66Lifespring67Surgical Manipulator68Boys69Unfamiliar70My Cosmos Is Mine71Samsara72Damaged Goods73Rostros74Lovers From The Past75Magnolia76This Conversation77A Single Stem78A Plan To Suffer79Discopia80Heartbeat81Mouth82Train to Harlem83EXCESS84WASTED85Teatro del absurdo86Descontrol87Rendezvous88New York89Molotov In Stereo90Your Last Everything, Pt. 291I GOT IT (FEAT. UÑAS)92NRG93Strohmann94Epicurus95Patient Zero96Die on Me Now97It Comes98Fire in L.A.99Fantasy 21100Face Meets Glass101Shadow102Absolute Scenes103Nunca he sabido amar104Fantasmas105Tataki106Cold War107Dust108Initiation109Circumference110Gluttony111Repeats112Iris113Preoccupation114Durdu Dünya115A Failure116When Possessed Pray117On Division St118Mind119Our Bodies Weren't Wrong1201981