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Breakthrough Country

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays

Stay in the know with this playlist full of emerging country artists. Cover: Kidd G


1Key to the City2Dig Yourself3Last Call4Missing You5Small Town Crazy6Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night7Bar Friends8Memorize You9I Only Date Cowboys10Home To Me11Hooch12New Dress13Tell You Everything14Between You & Me (feat. Ashley Cooke)15Push & Pull16Streetlights17What If I'm Right18Tailgate Queen19You Shouldn't Have20Whiskey Mode21To Get a Girl22Somethin' in the Sunshine23Tequila Talkin'24While You're Gone25When the Whiskey Runs Out26Remind Me Of You27Big Truck28How To Be Your Friend29My Person (Wedding Version)30Hold My Hand31Mama's Boy32Take Me Back33Beautiful Outlaw34Lies of My Fears35Wouldn't Hurt36No More of 'Em37Hell Is38Mama Prayed For39I Wish You Would40Under41My Person42Never Giving up on You43Boot Up44Summer Crazy452346Ain't Got A Shot47My Thang48These Hands49What Do They Know50Ain't Doing Something Right51Sunshine State of Mind52Hits Different53Still Getting Drunk54Back Then, Right Now55Startin' Something56Salt, Lime & Tequila57Drivers License58Song of the Summer (Poolside Mix)59Stuck60Ex-Girlfriend61Grow Up (feat. Blake Shelton)62Lucky Man63I Get That With You64Break Up Song65Something Sexy66Miss You Back67Come Back68Open69Freaking Out70Don’t You Wanna Know71Drop Dead Dangerous72Small Town Hypocrite [feat. Chris Stapleton]73Boom in the Boondocks74Never Wanna Be75One Day76Wild Frontier77Heaven's Jukebox78Got No Choice79Down by the Riverside80Somebody Loves You81Middle Man82Hell You Raised83First Time Feeling84Even Now85Honky-Tonk86Out of Nowhere87Shine On Me88Wings89The Rest of Our Lives