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Breakthrough Country

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Stay in the know with this playlist full of emerging artists. Cover: Lauren Watkins


1Settling Things2What Would You Do?3Burn My Summer4Bail Money5Back Pew6God Made You (Radio Edit)7Live Fast Die Pretty8Whiskey With You9Friends Like That (feat. Jason Aldean)10Getaway11Strangers Again12Really Don't Love Me13Moonshines14Confession15Every Time Is The Last Time16I Ain't A Cowgirl17Holy Ground18Let Me Let You19Good For Me20Leroy21You Go I Go22Betrayal23Leave Your Leaving Behind24Desperado25Sound Of A Heartbreak26Bad Boy27Road Dirt28Down Here29The Long Way30Nothing Left But Leavin31So Can I32Mountains and Miller33Call Me Up34Sober35Nothin’ But Neon36Another Love37Add Her To The List38Mama, I Made It39Wrong Kind of Keepin' Me Up40Carhartt41Pour Decisions42Last Night's Perfume43Band On Her T-Shirt44What I Shoulda Done45Good Book Bad46Love The Leavin'47Got It from My Mama48Another Shot49First50God Made A Country Boy51Tequila Helps52Wildfire53A Bar Song (Tipsy)54When She Comes Home Tonight55If You Killed Somebody56Never Got Around To That57Man Upstairs58Off the Map59I Let Him Love Me60Sober61Two Sides Of The Story62Complicated63Goodnight Moon64Wedding or a Funeral65Better Now66I Was67201968To Be Honest695x770Wannabe Cowboy71Bat Outta Hell (With a Boat on the Back)72Strong Stuff73Broken Man74Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You75Whiskey in the Bottle76left my tshirt77Country Ain't Going Nowhere (feat. Bryan Martin)78Easy To Love79nicotine80Called Crazy81The State of Country Music82Livin' Proof83Rock Bottom84Hang Your Hat85Good Guy86Good Day To Get Gone87Bury Me In This Bar88Sweet Divorce89I Ain't Crazy90See It Like You91Barely A Two Lane Road92Bed We Made93Something You Can Hold94Someday95Take It To The Highway96Whiskey Blues97Next to You98Bluegrass Green99How Do You Do That100See In Tennessee101South On Me102Paralyzed103Love, Again104On My Way Out105Back To Where You Came From106Blonde107Give A Damn108Desperate109Under Them Neons110Back Home111Heartache in the Hills112How It's Gonna Go113Get Out Of This Town114Texas Hold 'Em115STRAIGHT TO MY HEART (feat. Lauren Watkins)116Found a Girl117Hell in a Handbag118Land of the Living119Fire Works120LILY121Sinner and Saint122A Few Beers Ago (Boot State Edition)123Cowboys Like Me Do