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Breakthrough Alternative

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Emerging artists in alternative music. Cover: Oscar Lang


1Hope I'm...Ok!2Ego321st Century Hobby4Young Mistakes5The People, This Place6fall apart7Hang My Head8Blueprint9Bleugh10Courtside11TIME 212I Eat Boys (feat. dodie) [Amazon Original]13Off the Rails14When The World Explodes15It Won't Always Be Like This16Frankenstein17Listening to My Head18THINK ABOUT ME19Coke Nose20Concertina21Never Let You Go22dec 1923Stay The Night24Apple Pie25Friends26Suck It27Hunger28angel (so bad)29Days Go By30Listen Close31Swing of Things32Clay Pigeon33Again34Congratulations (feat. Jasiah)35Gone Are The Good Days36Take Your Time37IGNORANCE SONG38Red Rag To A Bull39Howl40Cult415,000 Candles In The Wind (Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian)42Ego43When You Were Young44A Hurt Like That45ocean view46American Dream47Leave a Light On48Know You Too Well49Lil House50Busted Lung51What's Wrong52Friends53The Walls Are Way Too Thin54Bed55Real Life Sux56Wild Love57Groundhog Day58Romantic Disaster (feat. Chrissy Costanza)59SOCIETY60Screws61MOOD SWING62wannabe63Favorite Song64Peanut Butter65Foreign Ground66Life's 2 Short671% Milk68good for nothing69Someday I'll Be Happy70To Lose You71Life Jacket72Runaway73Across That Fine Line74YOU75Show Up76Like a Thief77Off My Mind78Burning Fire79Whatever80Tunnel Vision81Airplane Mode82Tension83On & On It Goes84Hey Michael85Change For You86The Way I Feel87death wish88this is growing up89Is It Cool?90barcelona91When The Kids Grow Up92Did Me Wrong93Love Hard94What The Stars See (feat. Karen Fairchild & Lindsay Ell)95Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House)96Hold Me Down97hailey beebs98Amnesia99hangar