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The best new alternative releases. Cover: Weezer


1All My Favorite Songs (feat. AJR)2Higher Power3All the Good Ones4We Are Between5Going Down South6Balcony7Me Without You8A-O-K 9hollywood sucks// 10Every Window Is A Mirror11i need you (to be wrong)12Runaway (Lvl.2)13love race [feat. Kellin Quinn]14WITHOUT YOU (Miley Cyrus Remix) 15Golden Boy16Oblivion17You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You) 18the long way home 19Choker20Dizzy21Run22Bad Desires23I Lied24ISN’T EVERYONE25Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)26Welcomes The Pressure27Bodybag28April 7th29Sorry Mom 30Crossfire31Into The Mystery32Burning Fire33MIDDLE OF THE END (HOW DOES IT FEEL) 34Down to You35Seeds36help herself (with BENEE)37Shy Away38SOS (feat. Travis Barker) 39He Said She Said40Who Do You Love?41Hurricane [feat. HON & SMBDY]42Are We Having Any Fun?43Bad Place 44Lonely Army45THNKS FR TH MMRS46Flatline47Califas (feat. Jared Watson of Dirty Heads) 48When The Kids Grow Up 49O YA50Repeat51when was it over?52I'd Rather Die 53Your Power54How It Feels55t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l [feat. Travis Barker] 56Brother Run Fast5798 Degrees58Vertigo59Games60Four Letter Words 61Let There Be Drums62Wait, I Lied63Happy Endings (feat. iann dior and UPSAHL)64La La La65Caves66Deadline (The Deadheadline Version)67Lost68torture69Obstacle70I'd Rather Be Alone71Soul Mate72momma told me imma be73Spaceman74Did You Come? 75Screws 76Astronomy773 O'Clock Things 78Heat Waves79Crawling Kingsnake (Edit)80Dover Beach81Losing My Mind (Stripped)82Nowhere Generation (Ghost Note Symphonies)83Death of the Social84I'm Fine85Smile 86I Need Some of That87Never Tear Us Apart88Stuck in the Burbs 89World Is Fucked 90Colour Me In91Runway Houses City Clouds (2020 Mix)92Like 1999 93Cloud 9 (feat. Tegan and Sara)94Trailer Trash95Nausea96Sticky97Skinny 98What If I Love You99Made To Fall