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triple j's Like A Version

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Highlights from Australian broadcaster triple j's iconic weekly series of live covers.


1Forever Young (triple j Like A Version)2What's Going On (triple j Like A Version)3Dancing in the Dark (triple j Like A Version)4Super Rich Kids (triple j Like A Version)5Bulls on Parade (triple j Like A Version)6Get Free (triple j Like A Version)7Black Fella/Whitefella (triple j Like A Version)8Welcome to the Black Parade (triple j Like A Version)9Heart-Shaped Box (triple j Like A Version)10Across the Universe (triple j Like A Version)11Parlez Vous Francais? (triple j Like A Version)12Here Comes Your Man (triple j Like a Version)13I Touch Myself (triple j Like A Version)14A Thousand Miles (triple j Like A Version)15Truly Madly Deeply (triple j Like A Version)16Be Alright (triple j Like A Version)17Without Me (triple j Like A Version)18Confidence (triple j Like a Version)19When the Party's Over (triple j Like a Version)20The Fear (triple j Like a Version)21Happy Man (triple j Like a Version)22Xanny (triple j Like a Version)23Skinny Love (triple j Like a Version)24Ray of Light (triple j Like A Version)25Big Yellow Taxi (triple j Like A Version)26Multi-Love (triple j Like A Version)27Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (triple j Like a Version)28Can't Stop (triple j Like A Version)29I Will Always Love You (triple j Like a Version)30The Unguarded Moment (triple j Like a Version)31I Try (triple j Like a Version)32Happy (triple j Like A Version)33Baby Come Back (triple j Like A Version)34Magnolia (triple j Like A Version)35Medley: Party / ! (The Song Formerly Known As) (triple j Like A Version)36Two Weeks (triple j Like A Version)37Sunset Dreaming (Djapana Remix) (triple j Like A Version)38You've Got the Love (triple j Like a Version)39Bodies (triple j Like a Version)401901 (triple j Like a Version)41Children (triple j Like A Version)42You Don't Get Me High Anymore (triple j Like A Version)43Roll up Your Sleeves (triple j Like A Version)44Pash (triple j Like A Version)45Come as You Are (triple j Like A Version)46How to Make Gravy (Triple J Like a Version) [Live]47Leave (Get Out) (triple j Like A Version)48If You Go (triple j Like A Version)49New Slang (triple j Like A Version)50Resolution (triple j Like A Version)51No Aphrodisiac (triple j Like A Version)52(I'm) Stranded (triple j Like A Version)53Cry Me a River (triple j Like A Version)54Since I Left You (triple j Like A Version)55Say My Name (triple j Like A Version)56Unforgettable (triple j Like a Version)57Redbone (triple j Like A Version)58Not Fair (triple j Like A Version)59My Boo60Hey - triple j Like A Version61Paper Planes (triple j Like A Version)62Numb (triple j Like a Version)63Red Right Hand (triple j Like A Version)64Electric Feel (triple j Like A Version)65Under the Bridge (triple j Like A Version)66When You Were Young (triple j Like a Version)67We Are the People (triple j Like a Version)68Alright (triple j Like a Version)69Believe (triple j Like A Version) (Cover Version)70Juke Jam (triple j Like a Version)71Settle Down (triple j Like A Version)72Passionfruit (triple j Like a Version)73Don't Fight It (triple j Like A Version)74Brother (Triple J Like a Version)75Congratulations (triple j Like a Version)764ever (triple j Like a Version)77Dumb Things78Affirmation (triple j Like A Version)7921 Questions (triple j Like A Version)80I Was Only 19 (triple j Like A Version)81Weathered (triple j Like A Version)82Maps (triple j Like A Version)83Get Lucky (triple j Like A Version)