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The best new songs, updated every Friday. Cover: Noah Kahan & Gracie Abrams


1MY HOUSE2Everywhere, Everything3You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)4Take Me Home, Country Roads5I Love You, Please Don't Hate Me6Survivor7Dirrpi Yuin Patjulinya8Bend9All Out Of Fight10Truth or Dare11About This Thing (Young Franco VIP Remix - Amazon Music Original)12COMPANY13Love Cocoon14I AM (From the Ava DuVernay feature film 'Origin')15Tale Of A Man16The Fight17Petroleum18Lover/Friend19Arped202MANYTIMES21Never Lose Me22Real I'm Told23Milk & Honey24Hold Me Down25Evil26Paradise27(B.P.D)28Rehab - City Sessions (Amazon Music Live)29Belly Of The Beast30White Glove31sleep it off32Rainy33Sideways34Stay35Serotonin36How I Got Home37Live and Let Live (In-Side Mix)38DISAPPEAR39Don't Walk Away from Love40Crazier Idea41we don't sleep42High Times43Arrow To The Knee [feat. Judith]44Climate (feat. Offset)453 Feet Tall46Silent Night47Stars48Alch Si49Watchin Now50Crazy Form51Cherry52Iceberg53179 Deli54Tears on the Dance Floor55Anywhere (with Carla Morrison)56Southeast Oklahoma Pines57Lifeline (From the Original Motion Picture “The Color Purple”)58Señorita59Left Me In The Dusk60Into Your Room61Save My Soul62Femenine63JOY (feat. Olamide)64Already Over (Part 2)65TE FUI A SEGUIR66Still Fall67july68X's & O's69A Very Bad Fun Idea (Taken From The Film "BONUS TRACK")70One71Los Sabanales 3.072parachute73Perfect Stranger74Nasty (Remix)75Lo Que Queda de Mí76This Ol' Rodeo77WOTOWOTO SEASONING78Windowsill79Sober Thing80CLICK81EDIE CELINE82Bubblegum Dog83I Promise84Feels85Cigarettes86Suena el Bajo87Lullaby88Fruit89Way Too Long90are you fucking up91Trap92Sell Me No Dreams93Where I Grew Up94Water Underground95Nos Entendemos96LEVEL UP97In The Trunk (feat. GloRilla)98Blue Boy99Other Side100Dead To Me101No Help102Bad Time103Busy104jamcod105Black Tuesday106Crown107Happiness108Pop Star109THE OTHER SIDE110Armatron111Nice Guys Finish Last112The Power Of Love113Dónde Estarás114Joko115GO116All My Friends Are Taking Drugs117blame me for everything118Oao119It's The Internets World We're Just Living In It.120Tunnel Lights121pedestal122Middle Aged123The Greatest124Alright, OK125Mine Never Could126Poison127Insane128Love I Got Left129Baby Don't Cry, It's Saturday Night130Party of the Century