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triple j Hottest 100 - 2005

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

triple j's countdown of the year's biggest tracks, as voted by listeners.


1Wish You Well2Catch My Disease3Feel Good Inc.4Best of You5DARE6Mind's Eye7My Doorbell8O Yeah9Joker And The Thief10Do You Want To (Live)11FIGJAM12Computer Camp Love13Gold Digger [feat. Jamie Foxx]14Songbird15Flame Trees16Apple Tree17Blue Orchid18I Was Only 1919Middle of the Hill20DOA21Hurricane22Do-Do's & Woah-Oh's23Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo24The Car Song25Fix You26B.Y.O.B.27Everyday I Love You Less and Less28Fast Girl29Concrete Boots30The Special Two31My Enemy32Phoenix33I Predict a Riot34Girl35Speed of Sound36Dimension37Sly38Colossal39Helicopter40Dirty Harry41Sweet As Sugar42Autumn Flow43Sunny Road44Positive Tension45Juicebox46Stuff And Nonsense47An Honest Mistake48Whats On Your Radio?49I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor50Be Yourself51We're All In This Together52Two Shoes53Landed54It's 5!55Radio/Video56Little Sister57All The Money or The Simple Life Honey58Jesus of Suburbia59Beware Wolf60Divorcee By 2361Sitting, Waiting, Wishing62Always Worth It63Gabrielle64The Denial Twist65And We'll Dance On the Ashes of66Jesus I Was Evil67This Year68Run69I'm So Post Modern70Better Together71The Sound Of White72Que' Onda Guero (Album Version)73Hypnotize74First Day of My Life75The Fighter76Fuck Forever77Believe78Let's Take The long Way Home (Remastered)79Filthy/Gorgeous80White Unicorn81Tightrope Walker82Into The Dark83We Can't Hear You84Like Eating Glass85Bastard86Walk Away87Heartstopper88Messages89The Fallen90On This Side (Album Version)91Face Without a Name92Six Months In A Leaky Boat93Themata94Why Do You Love Me95Party Started